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When Life Is Crazy, Here’s How to Make Eating Easier Without Sacrificing Nutrition

I want to apologize for being MIA recently—but I have good excuse! Baby Boy Shapiro arrived last month (as shown below sporting his favorite onesie)! My husband and I are both so in love and so exhausted!

As a mom to a newborn baby, I have much less time to prepare balanced meals for my family. Where I used to meticulously plan out my meals for the week to make sure we were eating nutritious, delicious, and exciting foods, now I’ve shifted to survival mode. I look forward to the day when I can get back to experimenting with complicated recipes in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. But in the meantime, I want to share some nutrition tips for families who might be in a similar situation.

1. Set Expectations! Remember that all food is nourishment. Give yourself a break and recognize that all food provides our bodies with energy, even if you don’t always include a perfectly balanced plate.

Bagel with cream cheese = grain + protein Frozen chicken nuggets with broccoli = protein + veggie Fruit and yogurt smoothie = fruit + protein 2. Keep It Simple! Semi-homemade is key. From pre-made salad kits to frozen meatballs to precut fruit, consider taking some help from the grocery store in order to get a balanced meal on the table for your family. 3. Accept Help!

Whether it’s a friend offering to make a pan of baked ziti or your spouse picking up dinner from favorite Chinese restaurant, remember that you don’t have to prepare every meal out of your own kitchen.

What tips do you have for me as I navigate life with a newborn?! Comment here or reach out to me via email at

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